When I decided to do a blog Sophie Oak was one of the writers I wanted to tell everyone one about.
Her books are some of the most incredible  books I have every read.  Her  books create a magical place I never want to leave and with every new book can not wait to get back too. I have read every book Sophie had written not once or twice but so many times I can literally quote most of them. With Sophie's writing she creates a place that you can help get lost in.  She has three series so far: Fairy Series, Siren Series and MY HAPPY PLACE BLISS Series. I love all of Sophie's books but  I will say that the Bliss Series is my all time favorite. When I get frustrated with my husband and kids instead of saying "I am running away to join the Circus" I say "I am running away to Bliss". I love the hell out of that little fictional town!! I will come back  to bliss in a sec.
Lets  talk about the other two series first because once I get started with bliss, I tend  go on and on about that little town.
Now the one thing you need to know about Sophie's writing is that she is a freakin' Genius !  The woman has a way of writing a story that is full of intrigue and adventure.  Some really Hot Make Me Drop My Panties Alpha Men. Yes ladies, we are talking about more than one Hot Stud. Most of her books are menage books. She does write a few singles too. She writes some of the most touching tender real love stories I have every read. Deeply moving (tissues are needed sometimes) now what really  makes her books so great is her kick ass out of this world humor. This women is a comedic genius!  I laugh so hard at some the things this women writes that I have laughed myself into a Asthmatic attack. I know keep my inhaler close by when reading her work. And her books are so good that it is totally worth the asthma attack.

The Siren Series has everything you could ask for in a series! This series is mostly about Sexy Alpha Doms and the spunky courageous subs that they fall hard for. The siren series was the 1st series I read about BDSM! Yes, that is right I was BDSM virgin until Sophie!  LOL!!  Could not ask for a better first time! She made the journey full of adventure, sex , love and laugh out loud humor. Once I finished Siren Beloved, the first one I read, I was hooked!! I Wanted to be SPANKED!! I Wanted to be a little Bratty! I then devoured all the other books in the series!! What  I love best about this series is the connections to my favorite place Bliss. Yes, you do see a lot of crossover in this Series! LOVE IT!

The Faery  Series has all the great things to love about Sophie's Books. They are menage, BDSM, humor, intrigue, and adventure. This all just take place in magical world filled with Fairies, Werewolves, Vampires.  OH MY!  There are wonderful love stories that just pull you in and make you fall in love too. There are some really great love scenes that leave you breathless and a little wet. I am not going to lie! You need  to know this so you have extra panties on hand.
OK the time has come to talk about my favorite place in the whole world. I don't care if it is not real. I want to live in this crazy wonderful zany town called bliss! Sophie's Bliss books are the best books in the whole flipping  world.  Bliss is a town that was founded by hippies and free thinking non-judgmental people in the sixties! Let me tell you about this town, the most important thing about Bliss is that you are free to love you want , how you want and not judgement.  Now in this town you a have A Naturalist Colony sort of  like a Nudist Colony except they prefer  not to shave and the tourist has sometimes mistaken them for Bigfoot when they are at on one of the daily nature hikes. You have a lovable war vet with a heart of gold you may or may not have been abducted by aliens and has made it is life mission to protect the town from said aliens. You have a very laid back sheriff, who likes to write out tickets to the townspeople for having sex in his office. It Happens A lot!! You have The I-Shot-the-Son-Of-A-Bitch club! That meets every Tuesday for tea and cookies. They even have t-shirts! The town doc carries a tranquilizer, which he has had to use time or two. There is a sheriff who carries a Alien Detector around just to be safe. It is upgraded every few months. Those aliens are tricky, you know. Then you have the Farley boys, who will one day rule the world!!!  Everyone is loved and accepted in Bliss. You are admired for your out-of-the-box thinking.  Sophie has created a world with wonderful characters that you can't help fall in love with and want to have as your own friends and family.
Now the Bliss series has it all: Menage, BDSM  Fantastic Love Stories, HOT HOT STEAMY SEX! Adventure, Intrigue and in most stories, the girl gets to shot a really evil SOB! The humor in this series will cause you to have leakage. I kid you not you will need a Depends or extra keigels(Whatever works for you). I have been caught laughing out loud in the strangest places and not being able to tell anyone why when they give me dirty looks! My husband made me stop reading one of Sophie's books once because I was laughing so hard I fell off the bed and he thought I might go into labor .

P.S.   Shophie I adore you and your wonderful writing. Please Don't Ever Stop!

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