This is a Very Sweet and Funny Book.
 I honestly have to say I giggled and swooned my way through this book.
I just loved the chemistry between Haley and Jason. It was just so cute and funny the way the two of them brought out the best and worst each other.

 Haley is sort introduce as this sweet but pushover kind of gal who Jason sort  of takes under his wing and help her build up some gumption. Really sweet Haley has a little bit of a evil side, though.  Some of the wicked little pranks she pulls on Jason are so good.  I just wanted to stand up and clap. Her Fangirl obsession with the Yankees and Derek Jeter are just cute and funny.I could really relate to the scene where she is screaming "I love you to Derek Jeter!" at a Yankees game! The overall cast of characters just adds a dimension of quirky and crazy

I love how this start out with annoying neighbor who turns into her wacky best friend. It slowly builds from a crazy wacky friendship into a hot steamy love affair.  The love scenes in this book are so good. Best foreplay scenes in any book ever. Steamy Steamy!

Now Jason, sweet, lovable, food obsessed, Jason. He is just such a great guy. His love affair with food is almost as good and his love affair with Haley. I mean, he has been banned from all Las Vegas Buffets!  I laughed so hard at certain scenes in the book that I dropped my kindle! ( Don't worry my kindle is fine). He is so protective of Haley and when he calls her his little grasshopper *Swoon Swoon*! It is just so sexy and hot!  It was so fun to watch him fall in love with her and the scene where he finally realize it was also. Between the steamy sex and many funny moments in this book you may need to wear a pantyliner just to be safe!


I Would Like a Sweet Iced Tea with a Slice Of LUCKY Pie!  PLEASE!

If you like you books with a lot of  southern charm, feisty  females and Hot badass southern boys! You have just won the book lotto! This book has all that and an adventure, excitement, really Hot Sex!
 SO good! Taylor is just a perfect female lead; Good Southern girl who  was trying to be the daughter that her family wanted her to be while denying her own feelings and trying to stay away from her brothers best friend and town bad boy Lucky.  You have couple of nice steamy, super secret Hookups in the barn and other places! HOT HOT HOT!
This book takes you through a journey of Taylor and Lucky's attraction to each other starting as teenagers into adulthood. Taylor ends up becoming force to be reckon with. She knows her own mind, and has her own ideas. I love her bad ass ways. She has tattoos  piercings, and teaches pole dancing to nice  southern church ladies!  A really funny part in the book!
 One of my favorite scenes is in the Sissy Beauty Parlor one of customers   yells out Your'e the Mary-Taylor who punched out her groom at the alter and then left town in a stolen car!
That would be my car," Lucky said!  Great Great part of the story  I was laughing so hard.. 
Lucky is great in the book. Really great Southern Charm and sweetness while still being a hard core bad ass  LOVE HIM!  I did find myself wiping drool from my face a  few times. (not ashamed to say!) That boy is seriously delicious!   
Great Book!  A real fun read!  

Book One Blew me Away! Book Two sent me to a Whole New World!
 I am totally infatuated  with this book and the world Cassi has created.
This book is just a really great ride from start to finish!  I was unable to put this book down  until I had devoured it from start to finish.
If you had not fallen under Kara's spell in book one, you will in book two; such a great character   She's Tough As Nails with a Heart of Gold.  Her  absolute belief in those she cares about is just amazing.  Even in her darkest times she never gives up believing in herself  and fights for those she loves! She really stays true to herself and what she believes to be right! 
Now if you weren't have in love with Julian, Gavin, and Jaxon in Book One, You are a fool!  This book just cements the love and infatuation  OMG  I spent half the book wanting to wrap Gavin and Jules up in big hug and tell them that it will all work out. Also spent half the book lusting after their delicious self's!  The Spicy sex scenes are so steamy! And Yes More HOTTER THAN H
This book also goes more into the characters of Tray and Aiden. Great guys that you at times want to smack in the back of the head. They really do some dumbass shit!  But you find yourself loving them anyways.

Book two has all the fast-paced twist and turns as book one. It really Holds you in its grip all the way to the end. Then you are crying and begging for Book Three Right Now!  This book left me PANTING FOR MORE ! 

What a new and exciting world Cassi has created! I was just blown away by  the characters in this book, Loved Abbey and Kara's friendship this is what a real friendship is all about. Kara and Abbey are two of the most Kick-Ass Sassy heroines I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. I really related to them right away.  I love how neither woman allows themselves to be victims.
Take the Bad Man by  the Balls and Castrate his Ass literally and Magically!

Now the Good Guys! May I say I love  a book where there are so many deliciously hot, sweet Alpha males And this book is loaded with them. Aiden, Gavin, Julian, Jaxon and Tray!  That is right, you've hit the Man Candy Lotto! 
Five Bad-Ass Men who are all about seeing to your every need! ! This Book is so spicy, sexy and downright melt you Panties Hot, That I would keep Ice on hand  to cool yourself Off.  HOT HOT FLASHES!  My new favorite scene in any book is Sex In The Clouds with a Hot Winged Warrior! ( Give me a minute need to get some Ice).

What is so great about this book. Is the story is just as amazing. It has a real
neat andrefreshing twist on the mythology of the Fallen Angels!.   It is a great suspense and action book. Really neat plot twist that you really don't see coming. You are hanging on the edge of seat the entire book.
                                                                     Fair Warning:  You will need tissues at the end!  But so worth it.

 WOW! What can I say to let you know how much I flippin' LOVE this BOOK! It is an amazing and wonderful read. I just fell in HOT LUST with Lex and Dallas in book one. I was so excited to find out that they were getting their own book. YAY! This book was wonderful from page one!
 Lex and Dallas are so good and so bad together. Lex is just as kick ass as Dallas! She gives him a run for his money and makes his life all sorts of trouble! He loves her for every minute of it! The book is not just the love story of Lex and Dallas. It is a story of the family we create that is not blood.  It is a story of hope in a world surrounded by darkness and despair! Great story with lots of action. romance, intrigue and lots of hot, steamy, MIND BLOWING SEX!  
  WARNING: This book is so intensely erotic that you feel a little guilty pleasure in reading this book.  Panties will melt so just don't wear any while reading this book. They will just get in the way (LOL) and distract you from this MIND BLOWING BOOK!

I am so Beyond Shame to say I freakin LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK! 

This was the most sensually erotic  book I have ever read! I have now read this book twice in 24 hours and plan to read it once more before I go to sleep. To say I am in love and lust with Jasper, Dallas, Ace is a understatement   I am now their crazy obsessed stalker!  Lexi and Noelle are just so amazing.  Warning: The steamy, sexy scenes between these group of characters are so hot that they may melt you kindle. Getting a tattoo never seem as sexy as it did in this Book. I now dream of Ace and his tattoo chair! O'Kane For Life Baby!!  I am going to confess that this book was so sexy and steamy that I did have to change to dry  panties! 

The story is fresh and new with a interesting plot. Strong male and female characters that are so well written you wish that they were your friends. I hope that there is another book in the works. I would love to see where the story goes from here. I am HOOKED! Need more of Lexi and Rachel!  Such a good Read!

This Book is so good that it should come with a warning label.    
                                                 SO HOT!! MAY CAUSE HOT FLASHES!

Ruining Me shattered me, Ruining You healed my heart.

Did not think it could get any more beautiful or heartbreaking then book one.  WRONG!!!!! This book is a journey of emotions that are a roller coaster ride. I gave up on tissues and went to a towel cause I needed something strong enough to hold all my tears.
This is beautiful story of Love! The love of oneself, true love, friendship and family.  There are a lot of beautiful touching moments in this book.  There is also darkness. Jay is such a wonderfully strong person. Her story is awe inspiring. It is a true journey with no quick fixes or rushed Happy Ending. You  bleed right along with her and Kane.
Kane is the new love of my life! Second only to Cal!

 I do hope Cal and Rhye get their own stories! They need a HEA!
One of the best books I have ever read!  Yes there is a Happy Ending for both Jay and Kane.

The Most Heartbreaking Beautiful Book !

Ok this is tough review to write cause I am still crying my eyes out!
I Don't just love this book, I am in total AWE of this book.
The most beautiful heartbreaking book I have ever read. This story take you on the journey of pain, love and redemption. SO many beautiful highs and then it drops you into a pit of despair.
This just a amazing beautiful book with two amazing love stories!
It has the most sweet, hot , alpha male leads in a book I have ever read.  You will fall in love with Kane, Rye, JT and Cal.  They all are swoon worthy! 
Jay is one of the strongest Characters I have ever had pleasure of reading. Her determination spare the people she cares about pain is breathtaking
YOU will cry! You will scream and you will want to stop reading this book because your heart is breaking! DO NOT STOP READING!
 This book is worth every tear you shed. It is so wonderful story!
                                                                   BE Warned It not a Happy Ending YET!

                                                                    LOVE THIS BOOK. BOOK TWO HERE I COME!

  Just typing his name and picturing him in my head and I am SWOONING!
I get a little dizzy just thinking about him. Certain areas of my body are trembling right now! ( In a very Good WAY!) Thanks River!

OK, If you have not guessed yet I am in LOVE and LUST with this book!
It broke my Heart, and then put it back together ! There is a lot of Love in this book and so much LUST LUST! 
Really enjoyed both touching love stories in this book!  YES that is right two  wonderful, hot amazing love stories! I fell in love twice and was so happy to do it.  Now if you love a great story with a touch of spice. Then this not the book for you. Because this book is so Spicy and Steamy it will leave you wet in all the right places!!
Amazing love scenes in this book. HOT HOT!

Dahlia is a great female lead. She has sass, spunk and wicked sense of humor!  She has a lot of devastating  blows handed to her in this book.  The author does a great job of making the story true to both grief and devastation of losing someone. HINT; Tissues will be needed!  But Dahlia is strong  and really never gives up!  LOVE HER!

BEN:  Great first lead. You really connect and fall for him . You really see how good he was for Dahlia at the time in her life when she really needed him.  He is flawed and makes mistakes that will end up hurting both Dahlia and himself.

Now to the Fun Part!

   I dare you not to fall in love with this Rockstar!   He just the best thing in this book, Sweet, strong, tender and so Damn HOT!  He is the perfect man for Dahlia. The instant connection they have is so Once in a lifetime. You actually feel it.
Now the sex is just OMG my panties are soaking WET!  Girls when you read this book have tissues and a extra set of panties!
The story is wonderful adventure of love, intrigue  passion and full of really neat twist and turns. This book will take you a fun  thrilling ride!
Read This Book.!

 This book was a perfect  ride of emotions from page one. I fell in love with Sidney after the first page.  SIDNEY IS MY HERO! I must say I really love Sidney's story. What a strong,amazing spirit she has. Her courage and determination to not let the darkness of her past break her or define her is amazing. She is a true fighter!
Sidney has so much crap thrown out her and where most people would crumble and give up. She continues to go on and fight for herself.
 I like Peter think he is a great guy. I love the chemistry between Sidney and Peter right off.  It just feels so real! I loved the friendship that they develop throughout the story. It is very real and true to both Sidney and Peter.
 The added Cake( with ice cream on top) was the swing dances in the story. I am a big fan and it was so fun to see it in the story!
 Side note: Would somebody please slap the shit out of Sam! For the love of cake she is his twin sister. Take her flippen side! You big JERK! Ok feel better that I got that of my chest! Really 
                                                                    Someone Please Slap Him! lol
Great book, Can not wait for book 2.   You will Love this book. READ IT! I Command YOU to read this BOOK!!