This was a fun fast summer read! It had three amazingly hot and steamy love stories by three really great writers!  The three stories"Trouble in Boots" by Lynn LaFleur,"Soul of a Cowboy" by Vonna Harper and "Two for the Road" by Cat Johnson are fun and steamy and great quick read.  They make you fall in love with the cowboy way of life.  You might just want to go out and get your own cowboy!  The stories are fast and furious you get to the fun stuff right away.  The Fun Stuff aka for HOT AMAZING SEX! is really, really really good. Wet Panties people!  
I enjoyed all three books and will be reading more by these authors in the near future!


I really love paranormal books. It was kind of my first love in books, so to speak.

Lately it seemed that the magic was gone. I was not finding a lot of new authors that could do the genre well. The last couple of books I read kinda fell flat. Amanda Carlson's Jessica McClain series made me fall in love again with this genre! 

I read Full blooded and was hooked. I fell in love with Jessica and her family and friends! It had everything a good Paranormal book needed! I love Jessica being the only female werewolf in existence. What a cool idea ; A female werewolf with the right amount of bad-ass and humor needed to deal with all the crap that comes with being the only one! 

   I was very excited for Hot Blooded to come out.  This book did not disappoint. it was just a good as the first book. It picks up right where book one finishes and you are right back in the thick of the adventure.
This book had great new villains, interesting mythology, and lots of action with kick- ass adventure. I love how Jessica is so sure of herself and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her man back from the evil deeply demented goddess.
She is a strong female with the right amount of attitude and fieriness needed to kick some bad guy ass.  I love her relationship with her twin brother and how they are so close and always have each other backs! 

This book had lots of great sarcastic one liners and tons of comedy thrown in to make the book not to heavy! It pulled me right back in to the adventure and I love every minute of it. It definitely has a Buffy sort of feel to it and I love that! 
Can not wait for the next book.  GREAT READ!

 I just adored this book. It will pull on your heartstrings and make you a little weepy! It is totally worth the tissues you will need. Melody and Hank's story was so touching and heartfelt. I really connected with both Melody and Hank.  It was wonderful to see that two damaged people that have such trust issues could overcome them and let love and trust in again.

This is not a quick fix book, they both have issues and the story follows the amount of time and trust that it takes to work through such issues. It was refreshing to see time and effort put into fixing the issues and not some quick unbelievable fix that you see in other books. It was a honest love story with a wonderful HEY! Oh yeah, the love scenes were great too!

It was a wonderful book of love and discovery! A very nice book to read on a lazy sunny day! Give this book a try it is so good!

OK! We all know I like a good menage story but I love a good menage brother story. Throw in a female bent on revenge and her spunky, I-can-take-care-of-myself attitude, add in some action and adventure, toss in some steamy and take-charge sex scenes and I am loving it. Maybe not!

This book had everything I usually love in a story. I was thrilled to get the chance to read and review it.  But as much as I wanted to like it, I could not get into the story. I felt no real connection the the characters. At times, I really did not even like them. The book had no real flow to it. It was a little hard to feel any interest in the story or the characters. It seemed rushed and jumbled at times.  It just fell flat to me and I was a little disappointed in the whole book.
Even the sex scenes in the book missed the mark. It was just sex with no real connection or heat. Emotions seemed to missing from the whole book.

For me I need to feel a connection or a spark for the story and characters but it was just not there for me. 
Sorry to say this book was one of the few that I did not like and had to force myself to finish the book.  


I am a huge fan of the Callen series by Melody Snow Monroe!  I have read all of the previous books in the series and just fell in complete love (and lust) with the Town of  Intrigue, Wyoming.  The Cowboys are hot alpha men who love the spunky-take-charge kind of gal. The series is full of love, laughs, mystery, family and hot steamy menage sex!! The books can be read in order or as a stand alone.

I really enjoyed  Mandy, Cam, and Vince's story. It was full of mystery and intrigue. The story was full of great little twists that kept you guessing right along with the characters   I really loved how these three people who had been so previous hurt and betrayed by their past loves, could still find the strength and courage to love again!

Now the love scenes in this book were good and fresh. I really love the scene with Cam, Mandy and the fence post! Wow, wow, wow! It was that hot and steamy! I am Fanning myself just thinking about!  Every one of the love scenes in this book made me fall in lust! There was also some of the hottest menage sex ever! 

 I really enjoyed the cowboy and cowgirl aspect of the story. I liked how Mandy was not afraid to get her hands dirty and enjoyed the challenges that her new job brought her. I love how she did not wallow in all she had lost but embrace her new life as a adventure and look forward to it.
This was a wonderful story and a great  quick summer read! I cannot wait for the next one!

All my not-so-patiently waiting has paid off! I have been waiting for book two in this series since I finished the last page of If I Were You. I am so obsessed with this series that I have been dreaming about Chis, Sara, Mark and Rebecca. My crazy mind will just randomly just drift to them and I am lost in trying to guess what will happen next. I was slowly going a little crazy these last couple of months waiting to find out what happens.

So you can guess how happy (and I do mean happy) cartwheels-in-the-street kind of happy (In guess you were wondering)! I was given arc of Being Me!
Now just to put this out there I am not going to give spoilers or give you a run down of the book. I am just going to tell you how I feel about the book and then tell you to get your ass of the computer and get this book now. It you have not read If I Were You  please DO THAT RIGHT THE HECK NOW!

OK Here It Goes!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK! I am freaking wanting to KISS the feet of  Lisa Renee Jones! The fact that she could write so a wonderful sexual, suspense filled book, blows my panties right off book. This is just amazing to me. I was so lost in this book that I when the Tropical Storm hit here, I did not even notice. Who can care about some piddly little rain storm when I am in the middle of the Sara and Chris and their own Force of  Nature?  They blew me away!

This book is so good that you just get lost in it. Nothing else matters. You just know you have to keep reading and finish it to find out what happens. This book has everything you could want in a great book. I could barely breath, such a fantastic love story, It leaves you drooling wanting more of Sara and Chris. Some of the most beautifully written and steamy, melt-your-panties, love scenes ever. Throw in the Great Rebecca mystery and the honky melt in your mouth. This book is a great  escape-from-life-for-awhile book. READ IT!

 I can not wait for book three, I will slowly go insane waiting but that is OK, It will be worth it, I know!
The very last thing I have to say is GET OF YOUR ASS! GET THIS BOOK!  READ IT RIGHT NOW!