This is one steamy and sexy romance story with a great mystery thrown in.
The little twist and turns that the story takes you on are so fun.  I really enjoyed every aspect of this book.  It has a great mystery in it with lots of little intrigues that keep you guessing. It has a hot bad boy Vampire! Kade is just so flipping yummy! He may use those naughty words with me any time! Oh hell, he could use that dirty mouth how ever he wanted to with me and I would die a happy woman!   The steamy scenes between Kade and Valerie will get your heart racing and make you sweat! 

This is a wonderful, sexy read. You will get lost in Valerie and Kade's story.
It is wonderful, fun ride and I look forward to more books from this author.


07/22/2013 12:57pm

Thank you so much for the review, Vicci. I'm very happy you enjoyed Bad Mouth, and I can't wait to get the next in the series out to readers :)


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