As you know, I have fallen in love with many book boyfriends this year. My love affair with fictional guys is a known fact about me and at least once a month I find a new book boyfriend!  I am now declaring Beck the Book Boyfriend of 2013!  Hands down he has captured my heart and  will not let go.
I cannot and will not give away spoilers in this review.  BIG things happen in this wonderful book and the only clue I will give is to have a super size box of tissues ready and if you are a ugly crier like myself, you may not want to read it in front of people!

Now that being said, I flipping love Dee. Oh my, how we get to see how amazing she really is. You will be blown away by her and her strength. She  is just a brave women.

But my true love in this book is Beck. You will want a Beck of your own by the time you are done reading this book.  He is the most amazing guy on the planet! The way he stands by Dee is incredible. He sees the real Dee, the good, bad, dark and ugly sides of her. He loves every part of her and will forever.  Even when he has seen her at her lowest and darkest points, he never stops loving her. He never gives up on her and he is always there for her when she needs him. He is the rock that she needs to get through the crap that has been thrown at her. She is his everything and he will do what ever it takes to make her whole again. Beck is the most caring, strong and patient in the entire world!  I am just so in love with him!

I cannot say much more with out giving big plot points away.  So go read this great book and get lost in the story of Dee and Beck!
You will love this book and the steamy scenes(OMG THEY ARE HOT!) between the two of them are just the icing on the top of this great book!!!

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