All my not-so-patiently waiting has paid off! I have been waiting for book two in this series since I finished the last page of If I Were You. I am so obsessed with this series that I have been dreaming about Chis, Sara, Mark and Rebecca. My crazy mind will just randomly just drift to them and I am lost in trying to guess what will happen next. I was slowly going a little crazy these last couple of months waiting to find out what happens.

So you can guess how happy (and I do mean happy) cartwheels-in-the-street kind of happy (In guess you were wondering)! I was given arc of Being Me!
Now just to put this out there I am not going to give spoilers or give you a run down of the book. I am just going to tell you how I feel about the book and then tell you to get your ass of the computer and get this book now. It you have not read If I Were You  please DO THAT RIGHT THE HECK NOW!

OK Here It Goes!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK! I am freaking wanting to KISS the feet of  Lisa Renee Jones! The fact that she could write so a wonderful sexual, suspense filled book, blows my panties right off book. This is just amazing to me. I was so lost in this book that I when the Tropical Storm hit here, I did not even notice. Who can care about some piddly little rain storm when I am in the middle of the Sara and Chris and their own Force of  Nature?  They blew me away!

This book is so good that you just get lost in it. Nothing else matters. You just know you have to keep reading and finish it to find out what happens. This book has everything you could want in a great book. I could barely breath, such a fantastic love story, It leaves you drooling wanting more of Sara and Chris. Some of the most beautifully written and steamy, melt-your-panties, love scenes ever. Throw in the Great Rebecca mystery and the honky melt in your mouth. This book is a great  escape-from-life-for-awhile book. READ IT!

 I can not wait for book three, I will slowly go insane waiting but that is OK, It will be worth it, I know!
The very last thing I have to say is GET OF YOUR ASS! GET THIS BOOK!  READ IT RIGHT NOW!



06/08/2013 10:02am

Realy, it was swear worthy? JK..I know you and I can see your face when I read this. I know it must be good from your tone. Guess I will have to find the first one and read it.


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