I am so Beyond Shame to say I freakin LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK! 

This was the most sensually erotic  book I have ever read! I have now read this book twice in 24 hours and plan to read it once more before I go to sleep. To say I am in love and lust with Jasper, Dallas, Ace is a understatement   I am now their crazy obsessed stalker!  Lexi and Noelle are just so amazing.  Warning: The steamy, sexy scenes between these group of characters are so hot that they may melt you kindle. Getting a tattoo never seem as sexy as it did in this Book. I now dream of Ace and his tattoo chair! O'Kane For Life Baby!!  I am going to confess that this book was so sexy and steamy that I did have to change to dry  panties! 

The story is fresh and new with a interesting plot. Strong male and female characters that are so well written you wish that they were your friends. I hope that there is another book in the works. I would love to see where the story goes from here. I am HOOKED! Need more of Lexi and Rachel!  Such a good Read!

This Book is so good that it should come with a warning label.    
                                                 SO HOT!! MAY CAUSE HOT FLASHES!



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