(Editor's note: this box set is by multiple authors. They all have similar themes. that obviously being billionaire romance.)

I read all ten stories and liked all of them. My favorites in the book series are the ones I am going to blog about. The first one is The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire! It is by one of my favorite authors, Marian Tee! When I say I have read every book that she has written, it is true. I have read her books so many times that I can quote some of my favorite lines from her books. Thanks to her, I have learned that I am true Fangirl and not a groupie ( I should say as a side note if a certain boy band from the late 80's needs groupies I there, with bells and tassels on! LOL)!  So, yes I am a total Fangirl of Marian Tee. I love her books! 

 This is Marian Tee book in the bundle.  It is such a great read, this book was just so sweet, romantic,sad and beautiful all rolled into one. I fell so in love with Mairi aka Ms. Yay!  She had me laughing out loud, she is so great! Oh, and the whole  Aunt's-reading-her-harlequin-romance-novels-as-bedtime-stories ! That was great. I could relate. I still share a love for Harlequin romance with both my Mother-in-law and my Aunt Bobbie! It was a wonderfully fast read with a great fairy-tale feel to it. It has every thing that those of us who want to see the the world through rose colored glassed need. Oh, there are two very hot and sexy Greek billionaires! Really?! What more do you need!   There is a book two and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

 This was the first book I have read by Ms. Burke. It was very engaging. I really fell in love with the way she weaved the story together. It had a very real and messy feel to it. It just click with how Nick and Keyonna fell in love. It was not easy. It was complicated and messy, but very real.  I love it!  I really fell in love with Keyonna and Nick's romance. It was real story about falling in love. The sexual chemistry between Nick and Keyonna was so excellent. I really enjoyed the way the couple learned not only to trust themselves but also each other. It is a great book and  I cannot wait to read more by this author!

I also so mention that if you love Tawny Taylor and Selena Kit like I do, they also have really great stories in this bundle too! This bundle is only 99 cents right now. A Great Price !

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