This book is full of all my favorite things ( namely:erotic consensual BDSM, Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, and a Happily-Ever-After)!
As you can tell by the above statement this books as all the fun stuff in it. If the above statement is what you are looking for in a good book. Melody delivers with this book.

It was a fun and fast read! I loved how Brooke was computer geek with her own business and wasn't the typical damsel in distress!  She was a fun and strong personality. Gavin and Riley were great. They are hot alpha men who could fess up and admit when the were wrong. It was fun to watch the three of them come together.
Along with hot steamy sex, this book had a sweet love story. This book has great adventure with a little mystery thrown in. It was fun to see all my favorite characters in the town of Pleasure have place in the story!

I love Melody's Pleasure series and have enjoyed every one of these books in this series. I look forward to more adventures in the town of Pleasure.


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