WOW!  I thought Spark was an amazing read!  Burn blew it Away!
There is so much going on in this book.  I don't want to give away any spoilers, but there were times I was just shocked at the amount of stuff Eric and Velaney have  to deal with.  At some points, I just wanted to throw my kindle in just utter frustration at what these two amazing people had to go through!

Velaney's character was just so strong and indescribable. Her inner strength and courage made her my new book hero!  This book will test your emotions!
I openly wept at certain parts of this book. It is a total emotional roller coaster ride! It is so worth every gut wrenching moment!  It really make you believe in the love of these two amazing people!  

 I am so in love with the Story of Velaney and Eric.  At times Eric just seems to good to be true. It was just fantastic seeing these two fall deeper in love with each other. The hurdles they have in front of them at times are so daunting! Seeing them work through all of it and come out stronger is just so great!

Now this book is super steamy and sexy.  Some of pages just literally set your hormones and girly parts on fire they are that good.  A nice tall glass of ice water is needed for some of the sex scenes!  Yes they are that hot!  I felt the burn and I loved the burn! This is a great book!  Read it today!


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