WARNING:  You will fall hopelessly, madly and insanely in love with this book!! You will become obsessed with Carter, Emma and their story! I  have re-read this book at least  5 times in the past week. Every time I finish it, I Cry!
I don't want to leave the world Tijan created!  I am totally addicted to this story!
This book stays with you days after you read. It is intense, gritty and hard to read at times but worth every second. I spent a lot of time going "OMG that did not just happen".   The book takes you on an amazing thrilling ride of every emotion there is.  It was so well written that at times I forgot who I was and That I was actually Emma in certain moments.  The scenes between her and Carter blew me away! The love scenes between Emma and Cater will set E-readers up in Flames! Emma is everything you want to be!  She is strong, courageous, loyal, and a fighter. I LOVE HER!
 The Ultimate Book Boyfriend is Carter Reed.   I am now claiming him as MINE! I have so much lust for this boy. I would stalk him if I could. Though, I guess re-reading the book 5 times in 5 days could be consider stalking!! I am so torn right now. Part of me wants to tell you how wonderful, strong, bad-ass, and hot Carter is. The other part of me wants to keep him all to myself.  The Man is pure eye candy inside and out. He is totally a bad-ass on the outside and deliciously sweet and tender on the inside.  The man will kill to keep Emma safe. He has no hesitation and no remorse, he just does what needs to be done to keep Emma safe.  Everything he has done has all been for Emma.  His whole life has been about protecting her. Swooning, Hot Flashes, and Damp Panties all at once, when you find that out in book.  At that very moment, in book you will fall hopelessly, madly, and insanely in love with Carter!  You will be just as lost as Emma when you read this. OVER AND DONE!!  RING THE DAMN BELL, CARTER REED IS THE THE ULTIMATE BOOK BOYFRIEND!!

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