If you are looking for a sweet, light love story this is not the book for you.
This book is full of dark and deep emotions that at times are so intense that you will need to put the book down for a minute just to process all that you are feeling.
  Molly is a mess and her life is a mess. It is dark and complicated and she is lost in a sea of anger, despair, and hopelessness.  Thoughts of suicide of never far from her mind and It is almost a safety net for her. She knows it is always an option if it all becomes to much. It is a dark read and difficult to read at times.
Enter Ian and her life becomes more of a mess and she has no clue how to handle it.  Ian is sweet but sometimes a clueless guy. I liked him and felt very bad for him.  He really has no idea how messed up everything is. I think they begin to fall for each-other but the mess that is their lives distracts them from the real romance and  emotion of it all.  The twist at the end of book just flipped me over the edge and to learn that it also ended without any real closure for Molly, was just too much for me.  I really thought it was well written and the author does a great job of making you feel emotions for and of the characters.  My problem with this book is that there was so much dark and not enough hope or light  to make the book a worthwhile read for me.  I need a light at the end of tunnel. I need hope and love.  This book ended with too much dark, too much mess and not enough closure or healing.  If you like intense dark reads with little light, this is a good book for you.


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