Just typing his name and picturing him in my head and I am SWOONING!
I get a little dizzy just thinking about him. Certain areas of my body are trembling right now! ( In a very Good WAY!) Thanks River!

OK, If you have not guessed yet I am in LOVE and LUST with this book!
It broke my Heart, and then put it back together ! There is a lot of Love in this book and so much LUST LUST! 
Really enjoyed both touching love stories in this book!  YES that is right two  wonderful, hot amazing love stories! I fell in love twice and was so happy to do it.  Now if you love a great story with a touch of spice. Then this not the book for you. Because this book is so Spicy and Steamy it will leave you wet in all the right places!!
Amazing love scenes in this book. HOT HOT!

Dahlia is a great female lead. She has sass, spunk and wicked sense of humor!  She has a lot of devastating  blows handed to her in this book.  The author does a great job of making the story true to both grief and devastation of losing someone. HINT; Tissues will be needed!  But Dahlia is strong  and really never gives up!  LOVE HER!

BEN:  Great first lead. You really connect and fall for him . You really see how good he was for Dahlia at the time in her life when she really needed him.  He is flawed and makes mistakes that will end up hurting both Dahlia and himself.

Now to the Fun Part!

   I dare you not to fall in love with this Rockstar!   He just the best thing in this book, Sweet, strong, tender and so Damn HOT!  He is the perfect man for Dahlia. The instant connection they have is so Once in a lifetime. You actually feel it.
Now the sex is just OMG my panties are soaking WET!  Girls when you read this book have tissues and a extra set of panties!
The story is wonderful adventure of love, intrigue  passion and full of really neat twist and turns. This book will take you a fun  thrilling ride!
Read This Book.!



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