I really try not to give bad or mean reviews.  I always admire person who can take chance and put their story out there for the world to read.  With that being said, I must tell you this book did not really do anything for me. It was just so hard for me to even finish this book.

It is very rare for me not find something to like in a book. This story was just so disappointing. I thought that both Sydney and Even were both crappy people.
There really was no way I could like these two to weak and self absorbed people.

Sydeny talks a good game and all and yet she keeps putting herself into bad situations and making bad choices. I found the whole idea that you and roommate are friends, you live in small dorm room with bunk beds, and you cannot tell that you roommate is dead in the bed above you to be astonishing. Really, your friend is lying dead in the top bunk for three days and you cannot tell!? Never once does Sydney check the bed and make sure Melanie was ok. She knows that Melanie is missing and does not go right back and check her bed.  Then you have her at the funeral thinking of ways to get Evan for yourself. Really!

Don't get me started on Evan. He is the worst of the worst! He is so weak and such a liar!  By the end of the book, I really was wishing that he had been the one to die in the accident! This whole book was just one big mess. 

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