This is a beautifully brilliant Dark Romance.

Fair warning, this is not book about roses and sunshine. It is dark and gritty and at time, disturbingly hard to read. That being said, it is also a wonderful love story. I fell in love with this writer's work with her first book Damaged and the Beast. It was also dark and gritty but it was a truly brilliant love story!

 It is hard to read and process what Tawny and her sister suffer through (at such a young age, too). The violation and loss of innocence, the terror and hopelessness that they suffer is really hard to read! The betrayal  by their parents and how the allowed these things to happen was really hard to take. I cried a lot with both books.  Tawny's story almost broke me! My heart broke every time she relived those awful memories. I did have to put the book down and step away for a little while: It just becomes so intense at parts.  That is how amazing this author is. I was there with Tawny and felt all her sorrow, fear and anger!

With that being said, this book is an amazing read. The journey of love and healing is just amazing.  Some readers may not like Tawny, some may want a more kick ass tough chick but Tawny is flawed and damaged. It is also what makes her so amazing. She is true test of courage and strength. I could never have the strength to get out of bed and face the world like she does. She dose not want perfect. She does not want sunshine, rainbows, and flowers. She does not trust it.  She just wants love and acceptance. Even with all she has been through she still tries to see the good in people but she also knows the bad and will look it in the eye and call it out! 

Judd is the love interest.  If you think he is going to be a White-Knight-In-Shining-Armor you are wrong. He is a true bad boy (and not in a good way). They is not much to like about him at first. He is not going to change who he is. He is a ruthless, bad-ass killer.  He has no remorse. He does what needs to be done and lives with it rather well. He is just what Tawny needs. He knows she is damaged and broken but he loves her just the same!  The love story between these two damaged broken souls is beautiful.  Tawny needs someone as damaged as she is and that is Judd. Judd understands and loves her not matter what happened in her past and no matter what she is now!  This is acceptance and love, the two things she needs more than anything. He see her damaged broken beautiful soul and loves her for it!  She knows what and who he is and she loves him all the same. It is perfect.

This book takes you on a dark and gritty ride, that at times is hard to read. It is so worth the read. It is a brilliantly amazing read!  


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