This book is a great new start to a wonderful new series! I really liked this book and enjoyed the suspense and menage in this book. Both elements were done very well and the book is a short novella. It had all the elements needed to be good read without feeling rushed.  It is fast paced and everything happens quite quickly.  I think it add to story rather than takes away from it. It made all Beth was going through more real, because in real life you don't always have time to think things through. Sometimes you just need to trust you instincts.

The attraction between Beth, Luke, and Zach is just as fast paced as the rest of the book. It works well in this story, everything is intensified and overwhelming. It is full of wonderfully sensual love scenes between M/M/F, M/F, and M/M. I will warn you, ice water will be needed to cool you down! The love scenes are that hot!

This was a great read and I really enjoyed the wild sexy ride it took me on!


This is book two in the Destiny's Trinities Series!  It is a great continuation in the series. I really like this book, it is my favorite so far in the series.  Mia is just kick ass spunk! I love her!. I really enjoyed from a early age she was able to identify what her sexual likes and dislikes were! She was not afraid to embrace her sexual nature like so many women are! The story is just as intense and fast paced as book one. They seemed to be a little more background with characters and I did enjoy that! It is also a short quick read with lots of action and steamy sex!

Again, there was great chemistry and attraction between Mia, Alex, and Wyatt.
They all had strong personalities and they need someone with the same fire inside.
I actually think that sex between these three was hotter and more intense then Beth and her men.  There just seem to be more intensity in the lovemaking! It really just exploded off the page! It definitely got me a little hot and bothered!  As in the first book one there are M/M/F,M/M and M/F (Male + Female) sex scenes. All are well done and very sensual!
 I am really enjoying this series and can not wait for the third book.

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