Warning: if you do not want to cry, do not read this book!  It will pull at your heartstrings. This book broke my heart just a little.  Parts of this book were very difficult to read. It is  a very touching and tender love story, however. It talks about unbelievable loss and what it takes to heal from it. It also shows how sometimes we all have to lose our innocence and grow up way too fast.
Both characters made mistakes and had to live with them.  It felt very real to me and I really loved how it was not quickly fixed. Both characters had a lot of growing and healing to do. This book was one of forgiveness and acceptance. It does have Happily-Ever-After but I do think there is more to the story. A book 2 will be a continuation of healing and love.  There are no real cliffhangers in this book. 
If you like a book that is about believing in the power of love and the healing ability of forgiveness as well as acceptance, this is a great book for you!


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