This book is going on my Best Books of the Summer List!  

This is book 3 in the Crescent Chronicles. Books 1 & 2 are Flight and Focus!
All three books are great reads.  This series is a fresh twist on all things Paranormal.. It has a whole new mythological twist that is so fresh and fun.  It has a whole new breed of supernatural. I have so much lust/love for the Pterons. I love the fact that they have wings and therefore can fly!  It is just a great ride from books 1-3. It is a wild ride that you don't want to end.

Allie and Levi are one of my favorite fiction couples. When you add Jared, Haley and Owen, it is just good times. Allie's witty comebacks and sarcastic  sassy attitude are just so fun.  She really gives Levi a run for his money!  Levi is truly drool worthy!  Jared is just SEX ON A STICK! 

I don't want to give  away to much of the book. There are too many neat surprises you need to discover on your own. You will have that "what?!" moment where you scream out loud at some of the little twists in the book!

 Found has all the elements that made me fall in love with the series in the first two books. There are so many twists you don't see coming! Also, Levi is still as hot and sexy as ever!  He's still just clueless as how to handle Allie at times, too. It is so much fun watching him learn to deal with such a headstrong young woman. There are lots of thrilling action and surprises to keep you guessing. 

What I love about Found is Allie truly starts to come into herself. You really start to see her accept Levi and all that comes with him. It is also great to see how much these two truly love each other and work to being together. 

This book as everything you could want in a book, soul mates, a deep romantic love, wit, humor, action and mystery. Plus it has a really nice happily-ever-after!  This book does not disappoint. It is a great continuation of the series and I hope to see more of the boys and girls of New Orleans!  Please, let Jared get is own hot, sassy, strong willed human. He deserves it.
If you have not read this series yet. Do it Now!

                                II LOVE THIS BOOK !!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! I LOVE THE AUTHOR!!!
                                I LOVE ALLIE AND LEVI.  LUSTING AFTER JARED!!!!!!


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