This book is a steamy sexy read!

I had read a lot of Mrs. Monroe Books and I have enjoyed her books for long time. She writes a very sexy Menages stories filled with a little Mystery and if you like some Light BDSM. It is a great combination and works very well!

Freedom to Submit is just right edge of mystery, romance, and hot sex!
Dani and the guys have a great sexual chemistry that just really heats up the story. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the the three of them together. It was fun watching them fall in love and learn how to trust each other. The BDSM elements of the story are done very well and it is fun to watch Dani discover that side of her self and learn to trust Lucas and Brady. The sex will make your kindle sizzle!

This book has a great murder mystery and who-done-it thrown into the mix.
The book is both smart and sexy and was very fun to read! It is a quick read and can be finished over a weekend! This book is a great read !


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