I Would Like a Sweet Iced Tea with a Slice Of LUCKY Pie!  PLEASE!

If you like you books with a lot of  southern charm, feisty  females and Hot badass southern boys! You have just won the book lotto! This book has all that and an adventure, excitement, really Hot Sex!
 SO good! Taylor is just a perfect female lead; Good Southern girl who  was trying to be the daughter that her family wanted her to be while denying her own feelings and trying to stay away from her brothers best friend and town bad boy Lucky.  You have couple of nice steamy, super secret Hookups in the barn and other places! HOT HOT HOT!
This book takes you through a journey of Taylor and Lucky's attraction to each other starting as teenagers into adulthood. Taylor ends up becoming force to be reckon with. She knows her own mind, and has her own ideas. I love her bad ass ways. She has tattoos  piercings, and teaches pole dancing to nice  southern church ladies!  A really funny part in the book!
 One of my favorite scenes is in the Sissy Beauty Parlor one of customers   yells out Your'e the Mary-Taylor who punched out her groom at the alter and then left town in a stolen car!
That would be my car," Lucky said!  Great Great part of the story  I was laughing so hard.. 
Lucky is great in the book. Really great Southern Charm and sweetness while still being a hard core bad ass  LOVE HIM!  I did find myself wiping drool from my face a  few times. (not ashamed to say!) That boy is seriously delicious!   
Great Book!  A real fun read!  



04/14/2013 9:33am

what site did you get the book from...Sounds like a fun read!


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