I really love paranormal books. It was kind of my first love in books, so to speak.

Lately it seemed that the magic was gone. I was not finding a lot of new authors that could do the genre well. The last couple of books I read kinda fell flat. Amanda Carlson's Jessica McClain series made me fall in love again with this genre! 

I read Full blooded and was hooked. I fell in love with Jessica and her family and friends! It had everything a good Paranormal book needed! I love Jessica being the only female werewolf in existence. What a cool idea ; A female werewolf with the right amount of bad-ass and humor needed to deal with all the crap that comes with being the only one! 

   I was very excited for Hot Blooded to come out.  This book did not disappoint. it was just a good as the first book. It picks up right where book one finishes and you are right back in the thick of the adventure.
This book had great new villains, interesting mythology, and lots of action with kick- ass adventure. I love how Jessica is so sure of herself and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her man back from the evil deeply demented goddess.
She is a strong female with the right amount of attitude and fieriness needed to kick some bad guy ass.  I love her relationship with her twin brother and how they are so close and always have each other backs! 

This book had lots of great sarcastic one liners and tons of comedy thrown in to make the book not to heavy! It pulled me right back in to the adventure and I love every minute of it. It definitely has a Buffy sort of feel to it and I love that! 
Can not wait for the next book.  GREAT READ!



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