What a great SCFI summer read!
I really like all three stories in this collection. They were fun, fast reads, perfect for a day by the pool or beach.  They were great romantic reads with lots of steamy scenes!  I got lost fully in these stories and thought that they were wonderful short reads with a great Happily-Ever-After.

 What a surprise to find that they were just teasers for more to come for each couple.  This kind of turned me off. Here is my problem with this, I read a great, quick, fun romance and get the nice Happily Ever After and I am feeling pretty good until I read an excerpt from the next book! Not only is it not really a Happily-Ever-After , but in the next book the poor couples are torn apart and need to find their way back to each other all of  over again!  All three novellas did this. To be told at the end that it is only half the story was a little confusing because I didn't see it coming. I was not happy with this!

I must say I felt kinda tricked! Can we be up front with the reader and let them know that they are more books coming and that this is just a teaser book?
If I had known that when I started reading I would have been better prepared to find out that the adventures continue in another book!  

I did enjoy the short Novellas in this book but I am not sure If I will read the next book. I just don't want to find out that it does not end happily for the couples or turns into a saga of books!


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