I AM HAVING SERIOUS HAM CRAVINGS! (Not the Christmas Ham although that's very accurate for this time of year!)

I really just love all of Kirsten Ashley's books!  She has a way of writing that just puts you right in the story and your heart and soul become invested in the characters and their story.  I really just connected with Zara in this book. To be knock down so many times and still get up and continue to fight was just amazing. All that she has been through and still found way to keep going.
She was a real woman, with real issues we all face. There were times in this book that her stubbornness was just over the top. It just wanted to make me scream. That same frustrating trait is what got her through some of the most dark and difficult times.  I love her and want to be her.

You will fall for Ham.Make no mistakes, there is just something so wonderfully dominating and arrogant about him that makes it hard not to want to drop your panties for this wonderful man.  He has just a wonderful heart and spirit that makes you want him all the more!

This was such a great book. I got lost in the journey that Kirsten takes us on. It is filled with love, tears. heartwrenching moments, laughter and it is worth every second. I find myself rereading this book when I need to find a little hope and little courage. This book gives me that in spades. It was a true joy to read and gift from the author to all of us who read it. Thank you Ms. Ashley!


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