I just adored this book. It will pull on your heartstrings and make you a little weepy! It is totally worth the tissues you will need. Melody and Hank's story was so touching and heartfelt. I really connected with both Melody and Hank.  It was wonderful to see that two damaged people that have such trust issues could overcome them and let love and trust in again.

This is not a quick fix book, they both have issues and the story follows the amount of time and trust that it takes to work through such issues. It was refreshing to see time and effort put into fixing the issues and not some quick unbelievable fix that you see in other books. It was a honest love story with a wonderful HEY! Oh yeah, the love scenes were great too!

It was a wonderful book of love and discovery! A very nice book to read on a lazy sunny day! Give this book a try it is so good!

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