This book was so beautiful written! I am in total awe of this book. This book reaches out, grabs you, and does not let go.  This book had me in tears, laughing, and screaming all with the turn of a page!  It is a heartbreaking journey!  It just tore me up at times and then you turn the page and you are starting to heal right along with Mikayla..  Two boxes of tissues later and I still feel my heart twist every time I think of Mikayla's loss. 

Warning do not read in public if you do not want to cry in public! I got some really strange looks in the dentist office for sobbing.  The book is so totally worth it, however. Also, the Happily-Ever-After is just so good! 

This book shows even at the darkest of times, perfect strangers can become angels and friends can become family! This book is a  wonderful read and it has a great message of hope, friendship, family and true love!  Side note: there is an amazing twist at the end of the book that just blows you away! The  way Mikayla handles it is just brilliant. 
You will fall in love with Jake. He is now my new book boyfriend. I LOVE HIM. Logan is a sweetheart too. 

This is one of my favorite reads this summer! I have reread it  3 times and I can tell you I will be reading it again! It is that good!  What a great read for summer!


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