This was a very hot and sexy read. It had a great story line and lots of laughs. Both Alexa and Dillion have great personalities. They both have sass and wit and it was fun watching them verbally go at it. I loved how Dillion went out of his way to support Alexa's dreams and help her succeed.  I know Dillion is supposed to be this Bad Boy but I found him to be more like an M&M: hard, sexy, shell with a tender soft yummy inside!  It's Just fliipen delicious!
I must say I never really warmed up to Dillion's brother and I had a hard time find him likable in the end.

The racy and steamy love scenes left me panting and wanting more of them!
I really liked the chemistry between Alexa and Dillion. All I can say is I can't wait to get stuck on the roof in the rain now. HOT HOT HOT! Also, the scene in the flower shop was so hot, I could feel flowers wilting from all the steam and heat!

A great quick read for a raining day. The book will to get you feeling a little warm!



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