I am amazed at how fast the author pulled me into this wonderful story. The very first page just pulled me in and I knew I would really like this book. I really was rooting for Scarlet from the second page. Her absolute loyalty to Sean and their friendship was so perfect. I also loved how we watched Scarlet realize her true feelings for Sean and how even through it took her by surprise she knew  that her love for Sean had been there all long. It was great to see such a sincere friendship turn into a wonderful love story!

I was not fan of Sean in the beginning  It really took me awhile to warm up to him. It was not until he started to see what he had lost and how much it meant to him that I could really relate to him. I do think he still has a lot of maturing to do. Both of them really need face some tough issues, but I like that they are willing to believe in each other. Family and friendship play a big part in this book. I really like how friends can become family when you need them.  I really am a little in love with both Cortland and Ryan and hope we see more of them soon.

I should warn you there is a second book, So think this is a Happily-Ever-After just for now but I am excited to see Sean and Scarlet's journey continue. 

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