Passion Potion is a paranormal new adult romance.  WOW ! What a great new world that Mary Beth created! It is full of Enchantress, and Dark Enchanters;
 a magical world of Light and Dark.  The book is full of adventure, mishaps and light hearted comedy. The is also a very sweet romance to go along with the action and adventure.

This book was a great mix of intrigue and a feel good romance. I love how the author took you along for the crazy ride that Jet's life has become. It was fun to watch her handle all the craziness with spunk, humor, and love. Her and her father's continued confusion and dismay throughout the book was heartwarming!

I like how she never really gave up and was always looking for a solution to every thing that was thrown at her. It was a good first book to a new series and I can not wait for the next book to continue with Jet's adventure and Mishaps!



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