I AM HAVING SERIOUS HAM CRAVINGS! (Not the Christmas Ham although that's very accurate for this time of year!)

I really just love all of Kirsten Ashley's books!  She has a way of writing that just puts you right in the story and your heart and soul become invested in the characters and their story.  I really just connected with Zara in this book. To be knock down so many times and still get up and continue to fight was just amazing. All that she has been through and still found way to keep going.
She was a real woman, with real issues we all face. There were times in this book that her stubbornness was just over the top. It just wanted to make me scream. That same frustrating trait is what got her through some of the most dark and difficult times.  I love her and want to be her.

You will fall for Ham.Make no mistakes, there is just something so wonderfully dominating and arrogant about him that makes it hard not to want to drop your panties for this wonderful man.  He has just a wonderful heart and spirit that makes you want him all the more!

This was such a great book. I got lost in the journey that Kirsten takes us on. It is filled with love, tears. heartwrenching moments, laughter and it is worth every second. I find myself rereading this book when I need to find a little hope and little courage. This book gives me that in spades. It was a true joy to read and gift from the author to all of us who read it. Thank you Ms. Ashley!



I waited and waited for this book to come out for months! I was so hooked after book one and the ending blew me away!  I had dreams on what and why everything happened in book one. Thoughts of book two were consuming me. I needed book two like I needed to breathe! I was that hooked.

Finally Infinite Possibilities is here. I devoured this book. As soon as I got my hands on this book, I put everything on hold so I could read it. Kids fed themselves, husband was on his own for date night.  I needed to read this book.
I did not think I could be any more hooked into a couple then I was with Amy and Liam in book one.  Wrong! this book makes you fall deeply in love with them.  I do not want to give spoilers away. You really need to read this book and become hooked in its spell. I will tell you the exact moment I fell and it had me until  the end.  Liam says "Run to me, Not from Me"! He had me!

This book continues Amy's journey to discover what happened to her family and why she has been on the run for six years. It is filled with intrigue and mystery.  It has quite a few surprising twist and turns that you don't see coming. I love it when a book can make me go WTF,  I did not see that coming. This book has a lot of those moments.
It also continues Amy and Liam's love story. It is beautiful, heartbreaking and heart stopping.  They have become my new favorite book couple! I am rooting for them to solve the mystery and have the Happily Ever After they deserve.  There is another book coming and this one does end with a continuation.  Now I am not so patiently waiting for the next book.  This is a wonderful book and I am more hooked into the world of Amy and Liam!


I am amazed at how fast the author pulled me into this wonderful story. The very first page just pulled me in and I knew I would really like this book. I really was rooting for Scarlet from the second page. Her absolute loyalty to Sean and their friendship was so perfect. I also loved how we watched Scarlet realize her true feelings for Sean and how even through it took her by surprise she knew  that her love for Sean had been there all long. It was great to see such a sincere friendship turn into a wonderful love story!

I was not fan of Sean in the beginning  It really took me awhile to warm up to him. It was not until he started to see what he had lost and how much it meant to him that I could really relate to him. I do think he still has a lot of maturing to do. Both of them really need face some tough issues, but I like that they are willing to believe in each other. Family and friendship play a big part in this book. I really like how friends can become family when you need them.  I really am a little in love with both Cortland and Ryan and hope we see more of them soon.

I should warn you there is a second book, So think this is a Happily-Ever-After just for now but I am excited to see Sean and Scarlet's journey continue. 

(Editor's note: this box set is by multiple authors. They all have similar themes. that obviously being billionaire romance.)

I read all ten stories and liked all of them. My favorites in the book series are the ones I am going to blog about. The first one is The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire! It is by one of my favorite authors, Marian Tee! When I say I have read every book that she has written, it is true. I have read her books so many times that I can quote some of my favorite lines from her books. Thanks to her, I have learned that I am true Fangirl and not a groupie ( I should say as a side note if a certain boy band from the late 80's needs groupies I there, with bells and tassels on! LOL)!  So, yes I am a total Fangirl of Marian Tee. I love her books! 

 This is Marian Tee book in the bundle.  It is such a great read, this book was just so sweet, romantic,sad and beautiful all rolled into one. I fell so in love with Mairi aka Ms. Yay!  She had me laughing out loud, she is so great! Oh, and the whole  Aunt's-reading-her-harlequin-romance-novels-as-bedtime-stories ! That was great. I could relate. I still share a love for Harlequin romance with both my Mother-in-law and my Aunt Bobbie! It was a wonderfully fast read with a great fairy-tale feel to it. It has every thing that those of us who want to see the the world through rose colored glassed need. Oh, there are two very hot and sexy Greek billionaires! Really?! What more do you need!   There is a book two and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

 This was the first book I have read by Ms. Burke. It was very engaging. I really fell in love with the way she weaved the story together. It had a very real and messy feel to it. It just click with how Nick and Keyonna fell in love. It was not easy. It was complicated and messy, but very real.  I love it!  I really fell in love with Keyonna and Nick's romance. It was real story about falling in love. The sexual chemistry between Nick and Keyonna was so excellent. I really enjoyed the way the couple learned not only to trust themselves but also each other. It is a great book and  I cannot wait to read more by this author!

I also so mention that if you love Tawny Taylor and Selena Kit like I do, they also have really great stories in this bundle too! This bundle is only 99 cents right now. A Great Price !


This book is a great new start to a wonderful new series! I really liked this book and enjoyed the suspense and menage in this book. Both elements were done very well and the book is a short novella. It had all the elements needed to be good read without feeling rushed.  It is fast paced and everything happens quite quickly.  I think it add to story rather than takes away from it. It made all Beth was going through more real, because in real life you don't always have time to think things through. Sometimes you just need to trust you instincts.

The attraction between Beth, Luke, and Zach is just as fast paced as the rest of the book. It works well in this story, everything is intensified and overwhelming. It is full of wonderfully sensual love scenes between M/M/F, M/F, and M/M. I will warn you, ice water will be needed to cool you down! The love scenes are that hot!

This was a great read and I really enjoyed the wild sexy ride it took me on!


This is book two in the Destiny's Trinities Series!  It is a great continuation in the series. I really like this book, it is my favorite so far in the series.  Mia is just kick ass spunk! I love her!. I really enjoyed from a early age she was able to identify what her sexual likes and dislikes were! She was not afraid to embrace her sexual nature like so many women are! The story is just as intense and fast paced as book one. They seemed to be a little more background with characters and I did enjoy that! It is also a short quick read with lots of action and steamy sex!

Again, there was great chemistry and attraction between Mia, Alex, and Wyatt.
They all had strong personalities and they need someone with the same fire inside.
I actually think that sex between these three was hotter and more intense then Beth and her men.  There just seem to be more intensity in the lovemaking! It really just exploded off the page! It definitely got me a little hot and bothered!  As in the first book one there are M/M/F,M/M and M/F (Male + Female) sex scenes. All are well done and very sensual!
 I am really enjoying this series and can not wait for the third book.


I really try not to give bad or mean reviews.  I always admire person who can take chance and put their story out there for the world to read.  With that being said, I must tell you this book did not really do anything for me. It was just so hard for me to even finish this book.

It is very rare for me not find something to like in a book. This story was just so disappointing. I thought that both Sydney and Even were both crappy people.
There really was no way I could like these two to weak and self absorbed people.

Sydeny talks a good game and all and yet she keeps putting herself into bad situations and making bad choices. I found the whole idea that you and roommate are friends, you live in small dorm room with bunk beds, and you cannot tell that you roommate is dead in the bed above you to be astonishing. Really, your friend is lying dead in the top bunk for three days and you cannot tell!? Never once does Sydney check the bed and make sure Melanie was ok. She knows that Melanie is missing and does not go right back and check her bed.  Then you have her at the funeral thinking of ways to get Evan for yourself. Really!

Don't get me started on Evan. He is the worst of the worst! He is so weak and such a liar!  By the end of the book, I really was wishing that he had been the one to die in the accident! This whole book was just one big mess. 


This is a very hot and sexy intense read. It is a short novella, but it has everything a good read needs. the author did a great job of making a smart, emotionally intense read quick read. The emotions from Delaney and Wes just are so intense and real from the very first page. I was sucked into the story by page three.I love both Delaney and Wes. I just connected with both characters form the start. It is such a beautiful story of finding out what really matters and overcoming your own personal fears.

The love scenes in this book are just as intense as the emotions in this book.
They were so hot and steamy, I made sure not to read near the smoke detector,  just in case my kindle start to smoke! My panties may smoke a little too!

This is a fast paced read and you will finish it in a day. It is always a great quick escape from a hectic day! I totally recommend giving this book a read. I cannot wait to read more from this author!


I have seen a lot of people say this reminds them of the Secret Circle Books.
While there are some similarities, I actually felt that it is was new and fresher take on the witch idea.  I really enjoyed the whole Elemental and igniting the Magic by touch is kind of cool. It has a great intrigue about it. It it is cool to discover the mystery of Addison as things happen. You really feel there is more to Addison than is being shown.

I really like the instant heat and chemistry between Addison and Kace. It is almost an instant addiction. I think this will come into play in future books. Kace has a way of distracting her with touch and it seems almost deliberate at times. I really like Kace and  I hope that he is who he says he is. To be honest, I think he is keeping secrets and not the good kind. 

This is a great read for those who like to be kept guessing right up until the very end.  It is a great start to what looks to be a promising trilogy. I will be reading the next books in the series Conjure and Confined.  Both books are out now so I don't have to wait to find out what happens next!



WARNING:  You will fall hopelessly, madly and insanely in love with this book!! You will become obsessed with Carter, Emma and their story! I  have re-read this book at least  5 times in the past week. Every time I finish it, I Cry!
I don't want to leave the world Tijan created!  I am totally addicted to this story!
This book stays with you days after you read. It is intense, gritty and hard to read at times but worth every second. I spent a lot of time going "OMG that did not just happen".   The book takes you on an amazing thrilling ride of every emotion there is.  It was so well written that at times I forgot who I was and That I was actually Emma in certain moments.  The scenes between her and Carter blew me away! The love scenes between Emma and Cater will set E-readers up in Flames! Emma is everything you want to be!  She is strong, courageous, loyal, and a fighter. I LOVE HER!
 The Ultimate Book Boyfriend is Carter Reed.   I am now claiming him as MINE! I have so much lust for this boy. I would stalk him if I could. Though, I guess re-reading the book 5 times in 5 days could be consider stalking!! I am so torn right now. Part of me wants to tell you how wonderful, strong, bad-ass, and hot Carter is. The other part of me wants to keep him all to myself.  The Man is pure eye candy inside and out. He is totally a bad-ass on the outside and deliciously sweet and tender on the inside.  The man will kill to keep Emma safe. He has no hesitation and no remorse, he just does what needs to be done to keep Emma safe.  Everything he has done has all been for Emma.  His whole life has been about protecting her. Swooning, Hot Flashes, and Damp Panties all at once, when you find that out in book.  At that very moment, in book you will fall hopelessly, madly, and insanely in love with Carter!  You will be just as lost as Emma when you read this. OVER AND DONE!!  RING THE DAMN BELL, CARTER REED IS THE THE ULTIMATE BOOK BOYFRIEND!!