This was one FAST, HARD, DRIVEN, READ!  It really  takes you on a wild ride of emotions and secrets!  It is no big secret that I love Bec's work.Still, this was a little bit different from her normal dark, sexy, erotic, reads.  I was a little hesitant to read this one, so I took it for a test drive! I am so glad I did. I LOVED it!

Great, fast, and sexy read!

I am not going to give away spoilers but it was really fun to read. The pages just sort of flew by. I was so wrapped up in Dash and Slade that before I was ready, it was over.  I was still wanting more! 

Dash was such a strong amazing woman. Her hot temper was nice to see.
I like how she took care of herself and pursued her dreams! Even with all the mess around her, she was still true to herself. I LOVE IT! 

Slade and Dash's story will pull you in and next thing you know, you're hooked. Fair Warning, you may hate Slade at first but he will worm his way into your heart (and panties). I'm just saying!!  I finished this book a couple of hours ago and I can't stop smiling and thinking about what a great read this was.
I will definitely being giving this book another spin and reading it a couple of more times afte



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