The Most Heartbreaking Beautiful Book !

Ok this is tough review to write cause I am still crying my eyes out!
I Don't just love this book, I am in total AWE of this book.
The most beautiful heartbreaking book I have ever read. This story take you on the journey of pain, love and redemption. SO many beautiful highs and then it drops you into a pit of despair.
This just a amazing beautiful book with two amazing love stories!
It has the most sweet, hot , alpha male leads in a book I have ever read.  You will fall in love with Kane, Rye, JT and Cal.  They all are swoon worthy! 
Jay is one of the strongest Characters I have ever had pleasure of reading. Her determination spare the people she cares about pain is breathtaking
YOU will cry! You will scream and you will want to stop reading this book because your heart is breaking! DO NOT STOP READING!
 This book is worth every tear you shed. It is so wonderful story!
                                                                   BE Warned It not a Happy Ending YET!

                                                                    LOVE THIS BOOK. BOOK TWO HERE I COME!



Nicole Reed
04/27/2013 1:54pm

Thank you so much for your AWESOME review!! :)


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