Meet Michael, Sebastian, Ruben, Lucien and Ramon McKenzie.

Five hot brothers who are about to meet five equally hot partners.

Book 1 is Michael McKenzie’s story.

The  Author had me with those three sentences! I was totally tempted by those three sentences!
This book was about Temptation!  It had it all HOT SEXY BROTHERS!!! YUM YUM!  It had Temptation  Lust, Chemistry  and Love!.  This book was a real delight to read.  Liliy and Micheal's attraction is almost instant and the flames begin.  It is hot and intense  from the beginning. Most important is was done in a real believable way. I felt the instant attraction and the shock of it that both Lilly and Micheal felt  as I was reading. I felt like I fly on the elevator wall! LOL.  It is a fast paced love story!  But it works, you feel the lust, and intense attraction right away. You also feel the surprise and shock of both  Liliy and Micheal as it all happens. They know it's fast and intense. It scares them both and yet the are helpless to fight it. LOVE LOVE IT!
I love all the McKenzie Brothers. The author did a really great job of making you intrigue enough to want to see more of each brother. I am falling for Lucien already.
Now  to the Hot Steamy Oh so Make  Make MY PANTIES Damp Scenes.  OMG !!! Some of the best foreplay in a book ever. I think i enjoyed the almost sex as I did the actual sex scenes!! OH and the Scarves! !!! HOT!. Yes Just like Lilly  I had a permanent case of Damp Panties  throughout the whole book!

A Really great read. Looking forward to reading all 5 books in the series!



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