I was really excited to read this book. the description of the book really intrigued me. In the first chapter, I was really lost and a little confused . The author seemed to jumped and rush things and it was hard to connect to the characters. They just really had no depth and were kind of sloppily put together.
 For example Jenna's brother has committed suicide and this changed her life.
You are not given any insight into the event. It just sort of seems glossed over. We have no idea what Jenna's relationship with her brother was like. There was no real connection to the brother at all, Just "oh boy, his death ruined my life". There really was now real grief from Jenna. That I found to be really odd.

Next thing you know, she is sent to Shady Cove to stay with her Aunt and family. While there, she meets this boy who, all sudden, they can't stay away from each other and start to fall in love.
A jealous cousin who Jenna really start to feel close to stabs her in the back. Again  this is just glossed over and Jenna magical forgives her.

Now for Benji,  I wanted to like him but I just found him lacking. Here is the thing he supposedly loves Jenna, but when he realizes that Jenna is only there for the summer he goes back to his old girlfriend because she is staying town and is a safer bet. Then when Jenna comes home from the suicide of her mom, Again, No real connection made. The first time he sees her, He tells her he still loves his old girlfriend and him and Jenna won't work out.

Now get this Jenna then tells Benji she is staying and all sudden, he loves her and wants to be with her. He kicks his old girlfriend to curb and all is well.  Really?!? What a scum-bucket!!!
Really all the characters in this book, from the main Characters to the secondary Characters are extremely immature and selfish.  This was one of the few books I had trouble finishing. 
 I would not recommend this book but I would love to give the author another try and read another book.



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