What a new and exciting world Cassi has created! I was just blown away by  the characters in this book, Loved Abbey and Kara's friendship this is what a real friendship is all about. Kara and Abbey are two of the most Kick-Ass Sassy heroines I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. I really related to them right away.  I love how neither woman allows themselves to be victims.
Take the Bad Man by  the Balls and Castrate his Ass literally and Magically!

Now the Good Guys! May I say I love  a book where there are so many deliciously hot, sweet Alpha males And this book is loaded with them. Aiden, Gavin, Julian, Jaxon and Tray!  That is right, you've hit the Man Candy Lotto! 
Five Bad-Ass Men who are all about seeing to your every need! ! This Book is so spicy, sexy and downright melt you Panties Hot, That I would keep Ice on hand  to cool yourself Off.  HOT HOT FLASHES!  My new favorite scene in any book is Sex In The Clouds with a Hot Winged Warrior! ( Give me a minute need to get some Ice).

What is so great about this book. Is the story is just as amazing. It has a real
neat andrefreshing twist on the mythology of the Fallen Angels!.   It is a great suspense and action book. Really neat plot twist that you really don't see coming. You are hanging on the edge of seat the entire book.
                                                                     Fair Warning:  You will need tissues at the end!  But so worth it.



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