What a refreshing take on MC Bikers! It was nice to see a bad-ass biker chick who was just as tough as the boys. She got her patch all on her own. She is nobody's old lady!  It was great to see Cherry deal with all the crap thrown at her and still make it to the top! The  secrets, lies, and betrayals are a little overwhelming at times. Yet, she still is tough enough to take back her life and her club! 

Copper took me awhile to warm up to. But once I saw his true self,  I was 
as lost as Cherry! He is her perfect partner. He stands with her and beside her! I really just love the two of them together.
The story is just so kick-ass!  There are lots of intrigue. I just really enjoyed seeing it all unfold. There are some really great love scenes!  They will make your Kindle smoke a little!  This is a great read!

1/15/2014 06:39:19 am

Vicci, I just found this review and can't thank you enough for the kind words on Sour Cherry! So glad you enjoyed it.


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