I absolutely loved how most of book is told from Nathaniel's point of view.
It was fresh and new to see the inside of the Dominant's mind and heart as he falls for his submissive. I just love the background of Nathaniel and Abby's brief connection in college and how it changed them both forever.  Such a simple thing really effected them both in a really amazing way.

It was refreshing to see the hero stumble and fumble along the way. To see his own doubts and  issues come out to the front of the story. It was fun to watch him fall in love with Abby!

Now this book has some really amazing love scenes. The scenes between Abby and Nathaniel as he trains her are so steamy and erotic that  I needed a cold shower after reading some of them. WOW!  They are some good love scenes!

This book is a great read and I look forward to the next book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good love story with bdsm elements!


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