This is an interesting read! When I was given this book to review, I did not know that this was book two in a series so for the first couple of chapters, I was a little lost.  Once I got caught up with the story, I really started to get into the book. It is a great new twist on Fairies and Weres. It is full of action and mystery. It takes off in many different directions at once and you find yourself getting a little motion sick with all different plots happening at once.
I will say I was not fan of the main characters, I found both Hedi and her mate to be a little annoying! I could not really relate to either of them. The background characters were a lot more interesting and likable! This is a nice read. I would recommend reading book one first. Once I went back and read book one, the book came together a lot easier and I understood Hedi a little better!  I am still not a fan of her mate!


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