OK! I want to start by saying that I liked this book. I found it to be a nice read. I would not say I loved this book because I did not.
While I did connect with and like Ashley, I did not connect with any other characters. I was not a fan of either Colt or Jordan. They kind of fell flat and they seemed to be fillers in the story. Ashley's journey to deal with the death of her dad and all the changes in meant to her life was quite good. It was a honest look at that journey of loss and grief!

The rest of the story between Colt, Jordan and Ashley was just a little to peachy for me! I also did not enjoy or understand Ashley's mom. She was quite selfish and unreal to me.  The book had some really good parts but other parts just did not work.  I just was not feeling the whole story and it made the book an OK read but not a great read. Those are just my thoughts but I'd still suggest this book because you may enjoy it. 

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