What a great, quick summer read!
This book is a wonderful introduction to  Tamara Hogan's Underbelly Chronicles. This is a short novella that takes place in the wonderful world that Tamara has created. It wets your appetite for the rest of the series and leaves you wanting more!

 This is the start of Bailey and Rafe's story! It is really just a teaser of what is to come. It is a quick, hot, sexy ride into this magical world. It leaves you wanting more! It is short but I was able to relate and quickly grow to like both Bailey and Rafe and want to see more of this couple. I will be getting the next book in the series.  

If you have not read any of the books in the series, this is a great little novella to introduce you to the characters and Underbelly world. I think you might just come to like the series and read the rest of books as well!  I know I am now a fan and I cannot wait to read more in this series!


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