Finally some fresh new worlds in the Young Adult Paranormal series!  Wow, the author does a wonderful job of creating a whole new realm of Paranormal. It  is fresh and a fabulous new read.  I was totally sucked into the world the author created. The author had a very subtle way of pulling your into Eila's world. I found myself lost in the mystery surrounding Eila and that beautiful house on the hill.

The author has a way  of weaving the story so that before you know it, you are falling in love with Eila, Raef, and the whole gang. This books just keeps you spell bound form the very beginning. There is never a dull moment in the book and it is filled with lots of mystery, laughs, and romance.  There are great plot twists throughout the whole book. More than once, I found myself going "OMG  I did not see that coming!".  I am not going to give away the story, you need to read it and discover the magic this book is, all on you own. It so worth the read!!  This was a wonderful read. I am very excited to read the next in the series.  The adventure continues!!!!


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