A Good Read!

This book was a interesting twist on the Werewolf legend. I really enjoyed the Greek mythology added in here. It was new and fresh. It  all creates a whole new spin to the werewolf myth. 

I am taking this next couple of sentences right form the blurb for the book.
it is what entice me to read the book. You might feel the same after you read it.

Inspired by the legend of the mythical femme fatale, Wolf Sirens is an intimate tale of unrequited and forbidden love in the underworld, a masterpiece of romance fantasy.  Can not say any better than that.!
Really you are going to like Lila and Cresida, they bring a whole new level of kick ass yet vulnerable heroine to the genre.  Really enjoyed the discovery of inner strength both girls go through.

There is a lot of mystery and romance in this book. So many love triangles that at times you get a little dizzy. The author does a great job of making them work and fit really well into the whole story. there are lots of surprises and twist to the plot that you don't see coming! 

It is a really refreshing new read for Young Adults. It was the perfect summer read and a good start to a interesting series!


08/07/2013 5:32am

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