She has a way of creating a world that you just find yourself getting lost in. 
When I read her books nothing else matters. I really clear my time so I can read. I know once I start one of Bec's books I will not be able to put it down until I finish it. Then I spend the rest of the day in a wonderful book hangover!

Her books are just so Intense, Dark and extremely sensual. She writes with deep passion and you feel it in the characters. Her books are not sweet and cuddly. They are filled with raw emotion, Intense flawed characters as well as deep twisted plots that take by surprise   Her characters are just a little broken and lost but I love them that way. They are perfect! The love stories in her books are so deep and insistently dark. They just blow you away! 
 Bec takes you on a journey of  emotions in her books that are just phenomenal!
You will, scream, cry, fight, despair and fall hopelessly in love right along with the characters..IN A NUTSHELL HER BOOKS ARE STUNNINGLY PERFECT!

Now I have only read two of her series so far! I am looking forward to starting her other series soon.
The Dark Brothers series is a three book series Dark Passion, Dark Desire, and Dark Endings. One of the best Series of books I have ever read. Let me share with the teaser for book one that hooked me from the moment  I read it.

It's not your typical happily ever after kind of book, it's dark, beautiful, dangerous and heart wrenching but who can resist a dark, hot, dangerous man? Consider yourself warned!!!
All three books take you on wonderful dark beautifully ride of love and danger. I fell so helplessly in love with Willow and Jagger. For days after reading this books I had Jagger Dreams( Some of the best dreams I have ever had!). Jagger is the ultimate in Bad Boy Hero.  You will not always like him but you will fall for him! I am SO in Love/Lust with him.  I am not going to give away spoilers for this series. I am just going to tell you to read these books and be blown away by them. They are that freakin' amazing!
Now the next series that I read by Bec Botefuhr was Witness series( Witness Protection and Forsaken).
If you like hot men, sassy women, adventure, intrigue and hot amazing sex, this series is for you.  I loved both books from start to finish. I devoured these books in just hours after getting them. Great story!  You will love Maya, Ryder, and Nate story!
Again NO Spoilers! Just a warning that the steam from Ryder and Maya's sex scenes is so hot and sexy  Your Panties May Catch on Fire!!!
Bec is an amazing writer and I am a definite fangirl!


 I am just Head Over Heels for Quinn's Books!. They just are so freakin amazing.  I devour her books in one setting and then cry waiting for the next one.  Alpha Males, Kick Ass Heroines, a s hit load of wise ass comments and pee your pants funny moments. Her books have it all! Throw in amazing love stories and hot steamy sex!  She is the BEST!

A truly great and wonderful read I am big fan of Quinn books every one just gets better and better. Quinn does not disappoint with elfin. Great strong female leads, filled with great sassy attitude and strong personalities. The male leads are hot, sexy and droll worthy,
A well written love story that has your heart skipping beats right along with the characters.
READ READ THIS BOOK!!! A fabulous book

Totally Hooked on this book!  Fane is the heart throb of  the decade in this book! So in love with him! Sweet Sweet!  
Now the best part of this book is the friendship between Jacque, Jen and Sally. OMG such a great chemisty between them. Had me laughing out loud at the antics of these three.
Nothing and No one is getting between these girls.  They kind of take over the story and just run with it.