I am just Head Over Heels for Quinn's Books!. They just are so freakin amazing.  I devour her books in one setting and then cry waiting for the next one.  Alpha Males, Kick Ass Heroines, a s hit load of wise ass comments and pee your pants funny moments. Her books have it all! Throw in amazing love stories and hot steamy sex!  She is the BEST!

A truly great and wonderful read I am big fan of Quinn books every one just gets better and better. Quinn does not disappoint with elfin. Great strong female leads, filled with great sassy attitude and strong personalities. The male leads are hot, sexy and droll worthy,
A well written love story that has your heart skipping beats right along with the characters.
READ READ THIS BOOK!!! A fabulous book

Totally Hooked on this book!  Fane is the heart throb of  the decade in this book! So in love with him! Sweet Sweet!  
Now the best part of this book is the friendship between Jacque, Jen and Sally. OMG such a great chemisty between them. Had me laughing out loud at the antics of these three.
Nothing and No one is getting between these girls.  They kind of take over the story and just run with it. 

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