Wow, I  have to say this is a very hard review to write. To be totally honest I loved and hated this book. It was messy, chaotic, confusing and complicated all at once!
It made my brain spin and twirl and at times I was a little dizzy from how fast these characters self-destruct!  That being said, all the above reasons for hating it also made me love it. I know I think a little part of me loved how twisted all these characters were. Every character in this book is messed up and in no way capable of making healthy choices.  They are all deeply flawed and  they could get a really good rate on group therapy. It is a really good book. I know that sounds strange but it is.  I spent half my time yelling at the characters and going "What the hell are you thinking!". I could not stop reading!  I am really not sure if I even like any of the characters in the book.  Still, I could not help feel for them. It was kind of like  a reality TV show. You know it's bad and totally messed up but you cannot turn the channel! It was a total guilty pleasure.  The sex in the book is dirty, kinky and does push the limits in certain areas. Still, it is good and you cannot stop reading. You may read certain pages twice or more.

This book is a total guilty pleasure, Read if you dare!


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