This book was a perfect  ride of emotions from page one. I fell in love with Sidney after the first page.  SIDNEY IS MY HERO! I must say I really love Sidney's story. What a strong,amazing spirit she has. Her courage and determination to not let the darkness of her past break her or define her is amazing. She is a true fighter!
Sidney has so much crap thrown out her and where most people would crumble and give up. She continues to go on and fight for herself.
 I like Peter think he is a great guy. I love the chemistry between Sidney and Peter right off.  It just feels so real! I loved the friendship that they develop throughout the story. It is very real and true to both Sidney and Peter.
 The added Cake( with ice cream on top) was the swing dances in the story. I am a big fan and it was so fun to see it in the story!
 Side note: Would somebody please slap the shit out of Sam! For the love of cake she is his twin sister. Take her flippen side! You big JERK! Ok feel better that I got that of my chest! Really 
                                                                    Someone Please Slap Him! lol
Great book, Can not wait for book 2.   You will Love this book. READ IT! I Command YOU to read this BOOK!!



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