This was such a great read. Oh My! It was not only wonderfully written but the laugh out loud moments in this book had me getting some really strange looks!  I don't want to give away any spoilers on this book. You really need to read it to enjoy the full wonderful ride of this book! I will say that the Airport scene where Fallon and R.T. meet is one of the funniest things I have ever read!
 This book will make you laugh and it will break your heart.  What these to wonderful people suffer and yet still find the courage to love each other is truly and amazing journey.  Oh, Fallon will break your heart.  I warn you the hits just keep coming to this wonderful girl and at one point you just want to start slapping the hell out to people.  You will cry and it will be big fat ugly tears and this book is worth everyone of them. 

Ryland Thomas is the perfect fumbling jerk, but he is always wonderfully human and you will start to root for him and understand his pain.  To see how much he really loves Fallon and is willing to do anything to be with her is just so amazing.  Their journey has plenty of ups and downs. ( again crying out loud!)  But it also has a wonderful journey of love and forgiveness. Really just a wonderful read!  SIDENOTE:  REALLY GREAT OMG PANITIE DROPPING 
STEAMY SEX SCENES!  Still fanning myself just thinking about them

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