I took that right from the front of the book. It fits this book to a tee. I really just enjoyed this book so much. It was such a fun and sexy read. First of all, I love all the names involved in this book. Skye Jordan, One of my kids is named Skye and my other little one's middle name is Jordan.  I love the two put together. I wish I had thought of that. Now, next in the name department is Jax, one of my all time favorite names. Now it is name of one of my favorite book crushes. Trust me, after you read this book you will have little crush on Jax  yourself. It is just great if you love Sexier-than-Sin-Bad-Boy-Bikers with a heart, this is the book for you. I spent most of my time in this book drooling over Jax. He is hot, inside and out. I am not going  to give to much away except that this is a really fun read. It is one of those great escape books that you are glad you took the time to read. Yes, I like Lexi too, but for me, this book was all about Jax!  It is such a great, steamy read! Ice water and  a change of panties will be needed!


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