I was just taken of over by the world that the author created. The first couple of pages just pulls you in and you find yourself transported to April's world. It was so fun to see smart and strong female leads. Both April and her mother were very will done. It was nice to see a females that were not waiting to be rescued.  They both very take-charge-and-get-it-done kind of women.

I love that the end of world is not Zombies but Vampires! This was so well done and explained in such way that it was quite realistic. The world just falls apart. Watching April learn to adapt and grow with all the new and frightening things  that happen to her and around her is just amazing. The author did an amazing job of showing all of April's weakness and strengths. You never, at any moment, forget what a awful toll all this has taken on everyone.

This book is full of action and end of the world survival  with a bubbling romance thrown in. It is just the right amount of both to make it all feel very real. Also, it shows how April learns to open herself up to friendship just a little.
I was hooked into the world that was created that as soon as I finished book one I went and downloaded book 2!. I loved Book 1 and 2 now waiting for book three!  This book will hook you in and not let go! Great start to a great new Series! Give it a try!

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