WOW !! This book is a smart and sexy read!

OK , first off, this is a sort of Novella in a series. Be prepared to be sucked into the story quickly and then scream a little when it just kinds ends. There will be a book 2 so no worries there.  I am not a big fan of cliffhanger books but this book was just too terrific to care about all that.  It is a great story and holds you captive right until the end.  You do not get the whole story of Drake and Shannon but you get enough pieces to understand where Shannon is coming from.

At times, my heart was breaking for Shannon. She had already lost so much and was just so numb.  I should warn you, Drake kind of remains a bit of a mystery in this book. I think we will get more of his story in book 2.
  Yes, there is some great sexy scenes in the book. They are done so well that you get all hot and tingly right along with Shannon!

This is great quick read that will pull you in and leave you dying to get more of the story in book 2.  Was book one good?  Hell Yes!  Will I read book 2? Yes! I cannot wait!  I would like book two now.   


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