This book is like a good cup of coffee! It is a sweet read with a little steam!

This was just one of the sweetest, sexist reads, I have read in a long time. The story just sort of weaves a spell around you and you are falling in love with Taryn  and Wyatt.  The really are just two of the most likable characters I have ever read. They are not perfect and are just so real.  They both felt like friends you have had forever. You cannot help but like them and root for them throughout the whole book.  Taryn was just such a wonderful friend, daughter, and person. I loved how she did not let drama of her childhood affect her present. She really just was so together and thankful for her parents.  I love her relationship with her parents. It was full of love and honesty!  It was great to see how supporting they all were with each other.

Wyatt and Taryn's love story is so well done. It is not rushed or forced along. The just naturally start to fall for each other and it is amazing to read.  There are a few twist and turns in the road, but they mange to stay true to each other and come out on the other side.   I love how gentle and patient Wyatt is with Taryn. He does have a little Alpha in him but just enough to make you pant a little!  there is plenty of steam and some really nice love scenes to heat of up your day. This is a great Happily-Ever-After!!   This book is just a really nice read!  
P.S. Lindsey's story is the next book and I can not wait to read It. It looks fab!


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